building communities
with creative

At the Town Lake Company, we take a thoughtful approach to enhancing the communities we love, using our experience and insight to harness unique opportunities in a diverse and expanding portfolio.

photo of Austin skyline on Ladybird Lake

Creating equilibrium in everything we do

Town Lake was once the moniker of a beloved section of Colorado River that runs through our home base of Austin – and it signifies the ideal sense of balance we prize. This great urban oasis provides a vital respite from the hardscapes and skyscrapers that border it, and improves the quality of life for all who experience it. We consider that equilibrium each time we approach a new project; we aim to achieve it within our own company and through our strategic partnerships. 

Balanced in our approach, united in our vision

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photo of Austin skyline on Ladybird Lake at sunset
we believe

Great work is built on a strong foundation

Adaptability is the key to longevity

Continuous, relentless evolution for both the company and its individuals allows us to proactively pivot for success.

Real connections are powerful

Prioritizing collaboration to ensure all voices are heard is the best way to grow authentic, long-lasting relationships.

True Success means everyone wins

We care that those around us grow and succeed, and we’re committed to being good partners in everything we do.

Accountability is a strength

We take our commitments seriously, and our dedication is reflected through our actions.

Work is better when you’re having fun

We're committed to finding joy in the journey, making every business interaction feel less like a meeting and more like a gathering of friends.