Relationships Beyond Roles

We maintain a forward-thinking mindset that drives our organization to anticipate and embrace future opportunities and challenges by continuously setting ambitious goals, adapting, and seeking new avenues for growth and improvement. We know that being "ahead" means fostering a culture of agility, creativity, and strategic vision to successfully navigate the ever-evolving business landscape.

We Are


We have integrity, are trustworthy, and do what we say we will do. We exercise good judgment and never compromise our character.


We create positive environments with the intent of making others feel welcome and valued. We set aside our egos – recognizing the benefit of partnership with our teammates, clients, and community – and strive to win collectively.


We take pride in our work product and require ourselves and our team to surpass the status quo. We deliver a level of excellence, distinction, and uniqueness that sets us apart from others.


We prioritize adaptability, responsiveness, and decisiveness in the face of evolving circumstances. We embrace collaboration, learn from feedback, and deliver high quality results efficiently.


We show our initiative through our work ethic and decision making. We take ownership of our goals and the trajectory of our success.

Michael Dabney
Manager, Single Tenant
Cody Mitchell
Associate of Investments and Partnerships
Caroline Janoskie
Manager, Finance and Accounting
Ashley Sleppy
Staff Accountant
Ashlyn Brown
Accounting Administrator
Brittney Wallace
Executive Assistant
Marilyn Jerome
Office Administrator
Property management
Theresa Sepulveda
Assistant Director of Property Management
Madeline Flatt
General Manager
Kenjra Sturgis
Property Manager
Alex Kalberer
Property Manager
Casey Canady
Property Manager
Emily Unzicker
Assistant Property Manager
Alex Worley
Property Assistant
Taylor Chavez
Property Assistant
Pat Cammilleri
Chief Engineer + Construction Manager
Robert Gandy III

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