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220 S Congress
In progress

In December 2014, our team acquired a 23,219-square-foot vacant warehouse just one block south of the iconic Congress Avenue Bridge and Austin's Hike and Bike Trail. Despite its prime location and authentic 1930s-era brick and timber architecture, the property had long been overlooked due to its lack of essential on-site parking.

Recognizing untapped potential, we were eager to showcase the site's viability for a ground-floor retail presence fronting Congress Avenue. Yeti, the Austin-based high-end cooler manufacturer, was looking to make a splash by opening its first flagship retail store, and together we designed a space that preserved the building's unique architectural features and highlighted the company’s authentic brand.

To tackle the parking challenge, we collaborated with adjacent property owners, devising a solution that enabled leasing the building's upper floor to a specialty lighting company. This tenant was keen on establishing a versatile space for retail and creative office use, making the property a multi-functional hub on Congress Avenue.


Address: 220 S. Congress Ave. Austin, TX 78704

NSF: 24,729

Floors: 3

Acquired: December 2014

Sold: August 2018

Designer: Gensler

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